Laura Castro


East coast native Laura Castro was originally known in the art industry for her sheet metal and bronze sculptures. She transitioned to mixed media canvas art in 2012. Her unique use of building materials and paint give her pieces dimension and texture that are truly one of a kind and embody her “touch has a memory” aphorism.

Styles & Mediums

Castro’s pieces are made from a host of different materials from canvas and plaster to concrete and plexiglass.  Her style ranges from wildly abstract to post-impressionist and contemporary. You can view the depth and range of her work by reviewing the gallery pages. Commission Requests can be made by completing the form on the contact page.

Interviews & Publications

“Laura utilizes a wide variety of different media in her work, including concrete, silicone, plaster, and plexiglass. She’s constantly exploring new forms, and never hesitates to violate conventional norms in this pursuit. The end result is open for interpretation…”
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Art Folio 2022: A Curated Collection of the World’s Most Exciting Artists
Art Folio is a publication of the best in abstract and contemporary work as decided on by a jury of professional artists, museum curators, gallery owners, art consultants, and collectors.
Curatorial Volume 1

is a captivating documentation of today’s leading contemporary artists, showcasing current artwork of the highest caliber. Curatorial documents the dynamic use of media and techniques, as well as trends shaping today’s visual culture.

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