2021 Portfolio

Agate 16×16 available
Gold & Silver leaf/resin glass on plaster/canvas 
Continuum 18×24-sold
Gold leaf/guild ink and resin on plaster/canvas. 
Undulation triptic 16×12 available
gold leaf/resin on silicon/canvas
Gold leaf/ink on canvas
Slurry 60×90 split-sold
Gold left/mica set in resin on canvas
Man Made 24×18-sold
mixed media oil/resin on plaster/canvas
Calyx 24×18 available 
Gold leaf/guild ink on plaster/canvas
The Simple Shattering of Water-sold
oil on concrete/canvas
Fake Plaster Trees 48×36-commission
Oil/gold leaf on plaster/canvas 
Neverland 36×24-sold
oil/ink resin on canvas
A dream I had about you 36×32-sold
mixed media resin on canvas
Trauma & Other Magic Tricks 36×48-sold
mixed media/oil on plaster/canvas
Smoke & Mirrors 80×36-sold
Mixed media resin on canvas
Magic 60×40-sold
oil on canvas
Rivers & Roads blue 36×24-sold
mixed media on canvas